Employee Highlight — Jonathan Padilla (Papi Chulo)

One of the first things you will notice about Jonathan is his charismatic personality. It seems like whenever Jonathan is in the room, somebody is smiling. Everybody calls him “Papi” a term of endearment meaning father, or “Papi Chulo”, meaning handsome. The nickname Papi is Spanish, which is Jonathan's first language; he is originally from Puerto Rico. When he moved to America he did not know English, but with persistence and lots of help from his wife he was able to learn. He is passionate about his family, enjoying life through music, food, celebration, and cars (emphasis on cars, he’s kind of obsessed). He has three children: two sons and one daughter. Jonathan says, his family looks for any reason to celebrate; when his youngest son Jon-Jon does well in school, they all go out to eat as a way to reward Jon-Jon. 


At John Nagle Co., Jonathan is our Oyster Logistics Coordinator (OLC). OLC is a job that is dependent on speed and care; keeping the oysters cool during transportation is crucial because doing so safeguards both the product and our customers.  Ensuring the oysters are kept safe is not something new for Jonathan; he has an extensive background in food safety and oyster knowledge. At his previous job, one of Jonathan's duties was to look at oysters under microscopes and test for bacteria. 

Now at his current job with JNCo., he is responsible for transporting oysters and carefully selecting the right product for our customers.  His work days usually entail taking a trip down to Duxbury to pick up oysters from the oyster farmers, or dropping off product to customers. Apart from his great relationship with his co-workers and his love for his family, it is quite apparent that Jonathan really cares about people. He is devoted to protecting the oysters because he wants people to enjoy exploring JNCo.’s many varieties without worry. Jonathan is dedicated to doing his job right and assuring quality oysters that will undoubtedly make our customers smile.