Since 1887, the John Nagle Co. has stayed true to its strong commitment to family traditions and moral leadership. We take our responsibility to deliver the safest, highest-quality seafood seriously, as we do our commitments to the seafood industry and to our community.



As a fifth-generation company, we have deep-rooted sustainability practices embedded in our business philosophy. Our long history is predicated on sustainable harvests for generation after generation, so we understand the need and responsibility to be good stewards of the sea and the importance of collaborating with like-minded partners.

With our deep product knowledge and industry expertise, the John Nagle Co.  team continues to provide an extraordinary variety of sustainable fresh, frozen and live seafood. By partnering with select domestic and international fishing communities, innovative aqua-culturalists, reputable processors and global certification entities, we are able to offer ‘certified sustainable’ seafood options, including Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) verified products.

As we continue to both educate and learn from our partners in sustainable seafood, the John Nagle team remains committed to sourcing healthy, responsible, and traceable seafood products.


Community Involvement

John Nagle Co. is proud to be a long-standing community member in the historic Seaport district of Boston. Over the years, the Seaport has evolved from a bustling fish pier to an international hub of passionate seafood companies with considerable influence in North America’s fisheries and seafood markets. From our local Boston Seafood Festival to the widely acclaimed Boston Seafood Show (Seafood Expo North America), there is a strong pride and sense of community throughout the Boston Seaport and Greater Boston area.


At John Nagle Co. we find ourselves fortunate to work with a diverse group of fishing families and seafood industry partners. We also understand that many of our community members need assistance sourcing a healthy, reliable food supply, shelter, clothing and other basic necessities. The John Nagle Co. and the Nagle family have a long history supporting organizations serving both the fishing community and the greater Boston community, including  Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives, Ocean Trust, Saving Seafood, Point Judith Fishermen’s Scholarship Fund, New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center, the Fishing Partnership, the Boston Fisheries Foundation, Pine Street Inn, Rosie’s Place, the Greater Boston Food Bank, Project Bread, and the Walk for Hunger.