Seafood Spotlight - Rocky Nook Oysters

Rocky Nook Oysters
John Nagle Co. Rising Tides Oyster Collective Exclusive

Farm Raised in Kingston, Massachusetts

Gems: 2¾ – 3 inches
Selects: 3 – 3½ inches

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These plump oysters start out slightly less briny due to a larger influx of fresh water, with hints of an earthiness, creaminess throughout, and a clean but sweet finish.

Rocky Nook Oysters are harvested mostly with a dredge, but will be handpicked in the very low tides of Kingston Bay. These oysters are grown on the bottom of the bay, giving them tough shells with a nice fluted pattern to the cups which can be seen decorating bars around the South Shore. The strength of the shells makes them a reliable local option known for a smooth shuck.

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